28 Mar 2010

Newsletter Pro V1.0

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This project is realized for a retail store in United Kindom. It is contracted to me from loluk agency.

My responsibility was creating a design, converting it to a functioning newsletter application. As you can see from the preview image, it has 6 options consisting of;

  • Importing E-mail addresses from a TXT file, and putting them to the database
  • Managing E-mail addresses that are in the database (adding, deleting, modifying etc.)
  • Sending Newsletters (It has two options, one is creating an e-mail via built in WYSIWYG editor, the other one is, uploading a premade HTML template)
  • Setting up the administer (Username, Password, Import and Send Settings, Relay account settings etc.)
  • Getting info and updates with just one click
  • Loging out of the application.

The technologies that i utilized was;

  • ASP3.0
  • PHP
  • Ms Access
  • Flash Cs3 (AS2.0)
  • Photoshop Cs3
  • Dreamweaver Cs3

As this is a private application, there is no live demo for it. If you want such an application for your company or yourself, please contact me, and i will show you a private demo.

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