29 Mar 2010

Goodbye Old Friend!

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As the my older visitors can notice, I updated my website with a total new look. This new website is based on wordpress with a stock template that i bought for $40 from themeforest named Display 3 in 1. Quite a bargain is’nt it? Kudos for the developer Kriesi. Also, my old website was a static template, i bought it from themeforest again, named Great Portfolio from the author  joefrey, i can not express my gratitude enough for that one also.

After 1 long year, i noticed that i needed a change in my website because i was starting to neglect updating it as it was difficult to do so with static HTML. In addition, i was having problems with strict XHTML as i was using flash pieces all around the portfolio for the sake of ease of update… Those days are over now with the help of wordpress magic. But anyway, i kept an archive, for the ones who want to see the older website, here.

From now on, i will try to keep my blog updated regularly with the industry news, reviews, tips & tricks, tutorials, traditional art and whatever i want to write about.

Also, with the new age that started with this gigantic update, I’m hoping to return to stock component development.

Let’s see what we can do.

Thanks for visiting.

2 Responses to “Goodbye Old Friend!”

  1. Gareth says:

    Great looking site :-)

  2. harunakgun says:

    thanks. Needs more devotion though (:

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